Cinode helps consultant companies become more successful. Cinode gives you the possibility to act faster on business opportunities, deliveries, and management of competencies. Skills are made available and searchable. Assignments, matching, and utilization planning are made easier. Lead times are reduced and engagement among consultants is strengthened.

As a freemium user, you get a free account with restricted functionality.

The free account offers:

1) Promote your company to the partner network to invite and also receive invites from other companies

2) Invite companies from the partner network

3) Respond to invites from the partner network

4) Respond to incoming role requests from your companies that you are connected with, which will be your Partners.

5) Give your partners trust

6) Provide your partner with an Expert/Consultant, attach a CV, and a suggested price.

7) Build up your organization and create profiles for your employees for searchability.

8) Create your skill inventory and search your company for "know-how".

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