As a subcontractor you can receive and respond to a role request for an assignment from external companies that have added you to their network.

When you as a subcontractor receive a role request from a particular company, you will receive an email regarding this role for the assignment.

Here is how to respond to the role request:

Open the unaswered assignment in Assignments -> Received in the sidebar.

Here you can read the role description, skills, attachments and the details to see if the assignment is relevant to you. Are you interested in this assignment?, Click "Yes, I´m interested


Before you respond to the request you are able to wish to change the hourly rate and leave a message. Click "Send" to continue.


The request is now sent and you are waiting for the company to respond.

Once the company has received your response and chosen to book you on the assignment you will receive an email with a response, for example, "You have been assigned to the role: Project Manger.

Open the assignment to respond in -> Assignments-> Received in the sidebar. "You have been book on this assignment".

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