When following a candidate you will get notified via e-mail. Notifications are sent when an event (meeting, note, task) is created to the candidate or when the candidate change pipe stage.

A notification will be sent to the user e-mail address of the follower.

You will automatically become a follower of a candidate when:

  • a new candidate is created via the external API

  • you become recruitment responsible for the candidate

  • you are set responsible for a candidate event by someone else

  • you create an event to a candidate

  • a candidate applies via a recruitment form where you are set as recruitment responsible.

The function can be edited by clicking the eye symbol in the upper right corner of the candidate card.

When using the following function there are three choices:

Not following: You decide whether you like to unfollow a candidate you have become a follower too. It is possible to become a follower again if some of the criteria above are fulfilled.

Following: You are a follower of the candidate and obtain e-mails.

Ignoring: You can never become a follower to the candidate again regardless of the above criteria.

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