Cinode allows you to invite you candidates to join your Cinode installation. You choose which candidates that you wish to invite.

When a candidate has accepted your invitation, a free Cinode account will be created for the candidate.

With this account, a candidate will be able to:

  • Build a profile

  • Create resumes branded with your companies resume templates

  • Upload a photo of themselves that will be displayed in-app and available on resumes

  • Update their general information such as contact information

A candidate will not be able to:

  • See your organisation or employees

  • View subcontractors or partner companies

  • See other candidates

  • See your customers, projects or roles

  • See events that you have connected to their user such as meetings, tasks or notes

How to get started:

1. Go to the candidates list

2. Click on any candidate that you wish to invite.

3. Click the "Invite" button in the upper right corner as illustrated below:


4. Next, click the button "Send an invite as illustrated below:


5. The e-mail adress to which the invitation will be sent is filled in automatically as it has been entered on the candidate card. You can enter a different e-mail to send the invitation to.

6. There is also an option to fill in a personal message to the receiver of the invitation.

7. Click "Send" to send your invitation.

Following the status of your invitation

Once the invitation has been send, you can track the status of the invitation.

1. Go to the candidate card and scroll down to the section "Invite/Convert" in the bottom right corner.

You can also view the invitation link, should you need to resend the invitation manually.


Deleting invitation

If for some reason you would like to delete the invitation, scroll down to the section "Invite/Convert" and select "Delete invitation".

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