You can change the data by clicking on the three dots at the top right and click 'Edit”'-function in the top right corner. It is also possible to remove a candidate.

  • You can change the status, pipe, or step (in what part of the pipe the candidate is in). You can also add events in the form of meetings, listings or assignments.

  • You can attach appendices if it is not already present in the application via e.g. an application form.

  • It is also possible to start tagging skills. The tags become searchable in the skill matcher, found in “Roles” of the assignments

You can send an invitation to the candidate to start to register their profile in Cinode, which can be interesting for the candidates that are relevant for the assignment or are to be employed. To do so, press 'Invite' and an email will be sent to the candidate who can then log in to Cinode and start building their profile. Later, you have the option to create consultant profiles for a candidate that can be relevant för the assignment but is not employed.

If the candidate is then hired, they can be converted to either employed or subcontractor through the “Convert” function right under the Invite section. Observe! The profile is not needed to be uploaded anew. Instead, all data that has been registered in the candidate’s profile in Cinode will be transferred through the conversion.

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