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How to create recruitment pipelines and work by your internal workflows
How to create recruitment pipelines and work by your internal workflows
Learn how to create recruitment pipelines
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Please note that you must have License Administrator permissions to create a new recruitment pipeline in Cinode.

With a recruitment pipeline, you can work by your internal workflows and visualize your recruitment processes to simplify the everyday working life for your recruiters.

A recruitment pipeline is the same as your recruitment process.

You can work with one or several pipelines. Different business areas, different locations, or different recruitment processes can be reasons for working with multiple pipelines.

Go to Administration > Process > Pipelines > Candidates

1. Click on + to add a new recruitment pipeline

2. Name your pipeline, fill in a description and click 'Save'.

3. Click on 'Create stage' to start creating your steps

4. Name your first step. Click 'Save'. The description field is an optional field, only visible in this view.

For example screening

5. Click on the + sign to add more steps and create the following steps according to your process.

7. To change the process stage order, use the drag & drop functionality, and move a step back or forth.

Edit or remove a stage by clicking on the pen next to the stage name.

It is not possible to delete a stage including candidates. First, remove all the candidates from that stage, and then it will be possible to remove the pipeline.

To delete a pipeline, click on the three dots and 'remove'. First, move or remove all candidates added to that pipeline.

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