You can use Recruitment in Cinode to work on candidates.

Initially, you need to set up a recruitment pipeline. A recruitment pipeline is the same as your recruitment process. You can work with one or several pipelines. Different business areas, different locations or different recruitment processes can be reasons for working with multiple pipelines.

Without a recruitment pipe, you cannot add new candidates. If application forms are used, they have to be connected to a recruitment pipeline.

Candidates can be added directly in Cinode or be connected digitally using an application form.

An application form can be connected to a job application, a trainee program, or an event, as long as there is a pipe associated with the application.

The recruitment feature is divided into three views.

List: This is where all candidates are listed. You can sort by pipeline, responsible or status.
Pipe: This is where you get a visual view of the selected pipe and an overview of where in the pipe the candidate is. Can be sorted by pipeline, responsible or status. Candidate cards can be moved by using drag and drop.
Events: This is where you get an overview of all events. Expired details are shown at the top of the view. The remaining events are sorted by status, type, created, event date, responsible and recruiter.

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