Cinode helps consultant companies become more successful and gives you the possibility to promote yourself, your skills and your experiences to your potential employee. Having an updated and informative CV will make you more attractive and matchable for exciting and relevant projects. Your skills are made available, searchable and possible to match when working with projects. It is also possible to use the information from your profile to create custom, accurate and selling resumes.

With Cinode, we will help you reach your dream assignment. You got everything to win to keep your Cinode account updated!

Cinode gives you the opportunity to

  • Create a profile to visualize your skills and experiences.

  • Create resumes or view resumes created by your recruiting company. Cinode gives a fantastic possibility to package and adapt your resume to fit the customer's needs and project requirements.

Work with your profile in order to visualize your skills and experiences and be match-able for relevant projects

Depending on instructions from your partner, start by filling in your profile.

Do not forget to upload your profile image. Your image will be used in your Resume.

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