Sources can be used to get statistics on how candidates find and apply to your company.

By adding Sources to your candidates it will be possible to filter out candidates in the Recruitment list view and the pipeline view from Sources. The filter is hidden in the filter section and can be visible by clicking the filter icon and toggle Source. Select the filter and maybe do other settings to list your candidates.

When exporting Candidates in the export-function in Administration, Source will be added to that export.

With this information, you can analyze the channels to attract new talents. Use this field in collaboration with CampainCode and you´ll get a deeper understanding of which channels that give great output.

Create your list of Sources

In the Administration function, accessible for a user with CompanyAdmin rights, you set the table of sources. These will appear as a list in the Source field in the candidate detail interface, selectable for each candidate.

Add Source to a candidate

Open candidate detail page. Set Source to your candidate, choose from the list of Sources added in the Administration function.

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