There are three report types in the Report feature.

Company: Provides you with company specific statistics, such as gender distribution, age, and employment duration. Details can be filtered by team. You can also view birthdays for eight people two days back in time.

Skills: Provides you with a holistic view of all skills that have been tagged in Cinode. You can view the skills, category of skills, and the number of employees that possess the skill and the total average level after filtering. Details can be filtered by category and team. You can click the skills to show employees that have tagged the skill, and other skills that are related to the skill you clicked.
The report is a great tool when doing skills assessments.

Reports for companies and skills are visible for all users connected to your company.​

Utilization forecast
The utilization forecast shows total utilization based on assigned roles of a three, six or twelve months period in percent. Absence counts as 100% utilization.

Revenue forecast
See information about expected revenue ahead of time based on assigned roles, extent and price minus absence. Filter on a six or twelve month of period and teams.

Provides you with two reports. The first is a graft-over Utilization, the second is repost for sales. This is a view of all assignments after filtering. Estimated and calculated values and margin values are compiled to give you an estimated summary of weekly results.

The report is primarily intended for viewing deals closed during the week, which is why the default filter for statuses is Closed and one week back in time. However, filter settings can be changed so you can filter by pipe, estimated end date, client, sales manager, status, and team.

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