To calculate utilization correctly you need to pay attention to the parameters used to calculate accurate availability for your employees.

These parameters will also make the employee visible in the forecast.

As the administrator you need to set the parameters;

Employment rate and Team availability and also look at the status, permissions, and the start and end date of the employee.

This is used to calculate the availability of the employee.

To look at the criteria to be visible in the forest;

Or read the instructions;

1. Go to Administration -> User in the menu and the tab "Employee".

2. Search for the employee and click on the three dots to the far right and "Edit"

3. The employee must have the permission rights "User" or "Restricted user"-If not click the pen and set the permission level.

3. Status - The Status needs to be "Active" If it says Preactive then the employee has not started yet and will not be visible in the forecast.
2. Available from – If the field is empty it means the employee has already started and is available.- If it´s a date that has not come yet the Individuals will not be considered available before this date.
3. End date – If the field is empty it means that the employee does not have an end date and should be visible in the forecast. - individuals will not be considered available after this date.

4. Employment rate % - The employee should have an employment rate, if not - set an employment rate.

5. Go to Company in the menu and the tab "Team" and click on the team you would like to see. For example "Project Managers"

6. Click "Add/remove" and add the employee if you have not already.

7. Set the team availability in case it is not 100%.

You can distribute the availability of the employee between two teams, or in case the employee does not work full time you might add a lower availability.

Example: If the employment level is at 100% and Team availability % is at 80%, it means that the calculated availability is 80% for the team.

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