To easily get an overview of utilization for the respective team in the company, the Forecast Overview can be used as a kind of “heat map”. This overview is a part of the Utilization Overview in Cinode.

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The overview shows the utilization of an individual- and team level as well as cumulative for all chosen teams.

By clicking on an arrow by the user’s name, extended information is shown.

You can display per month or per week. If the user works 100% and starts working in the middle of the week (in this case below wednesday), the utilization rate for that week will show 60% which is three out of 5 days.

The colors of the projects show the following:

Green: assigned projects
Light green: option of extension
Orange: oral agreement
Blue: preliminary booked projects
Grey: vacation

Summary line
At the bottom of the page is a summary line that shows; Total: Team and Weighted: Company.

Total: Team calculates the average occupancy rate for all teams.

Example: Total: Team 75" means the occupancy rate is 75% if you count on an average for all teams.

Weighted: Company calculates the weighted utilization rate according to how many employees each team includes.

For example, if you have two teams, one which has two employees and the other 1000, the occupancy for the team with two employees would weigh as much as the team with 1000 employees if it´s not weighted on the number of employees in each team.

If the team with two employees has an occupancy rate of 50% and the team with 1000 employees has an occupancy rate of 100%, the average occupancy rate would be 75%.

If you instead weight the team according to how many employees each team includes,

The team with two employees will get a weight of (2/1002) and the team with 1000 employees a weight of (1000/1002).

The weighted utilization rate in percent would now be: 50X (2/1002) + 100X (1000/1002) = 99,9%

The page consists of four filters:

Display as:

  • Week - weekly visibility

  • Month - monthly visibility


View only definitive bookings or include also preliminary bookings.

Here you can choose what teams the utilization data will be shown. If you choose a parental team, all teams will be included automatically. Delivery rate

With this filter, you are able to choose what time format the utilization information will be grouped. It is possible to choose between week and month.

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