After creating a project you can create a new role or click the + button to add more roles to a project.

To add a role

1. Go to projects > List/Pipe in the menu

2. Select the project that you would like to add the role to and click to see the overview.

3. Click the tab 'roles' in the overview and the '+' sign next to 'roles'.

4. Add information in the following fields

  • Title of the role - mandatory

  • Description of the role

  • Start and end date (mandatory to calculate utilization and calculated order value)

  • Extension option date (just for information in Utilization views)

  • Verbal agreement date (just for information in Utilization views)

  • Rate - hourly or fixed (optional, but important for calculated order value and revenue forecast)

  • Extent - percent or hours (an important parameter for the calculated utilization rate of the consultant booked to the role)

If you are going to announce this role you can skip the field book a person and now click save to continue to step 2 in the article "Announce roles to your partners and the Partner Network"

5. Add an employee directly or match a relevant person through our matching function. If you know the name of the person who wants to assign the role type the name of the person

You can preliminarily assign an employee or a sub-contractor to the role or book definitively. If you choose Preliminary bookings you are also able to choose a status for the booking by clicking on the arrow

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