With a project pipeline you can work by your internal workflows and vizualize your sales processes to simplify the everyday working life for your recruiters.

A project pipeline is the same as your project process.

You can work with one or several pipelines. A reason for working with several pipelines are to separate sales processes within different business areas, various locations or different stages within the sales process.

Creating a new Project pipeline requires that you have rights to the Administration function. You get this by the permission level CompanyAdmin.

To create a Project pipeline,

1. Go to Administration -> Process in the menu and the tab Pipelines;

2. Select "New Project pipeline."

3. Name your pipeline and click "Save"

4. A five-step process is now created. Click at a stage to be able to edit.

5. Edit name, set description and/or set a probability for that stage.

1) The name of the stage will be visible to the user.

2) The description of the stage will be visible when hoovering the stage in the pipe view within the Project function. The description will clarify for the user what this stage means or can be a list of activities to achieve in this stage.

3) The probability for you to win the deal at this stage. Is important to calculate a weighted estimated value for the stage and to calculate preliminary utilization rates.

To add a new stage click "Add stage".

Remove a stage by clicking at it and select "Remove".

To change the process stage order, use the drag and drop functionality, and move a step back or forth.

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