Under the section Customers, you will add new customers as well as manage already existing customers.

To add a new customer, simply click the + button next to the headline Customers. Fill in the details. If the client is an intermediary, indicate this.

View our video on what to find in the customer card

Management of your customers at Cinode means that for each customer you can:

  • Add customer information, account managers, customer addresses, etc.

  • Register activities in "Events" such as notifications, meetings, and tasks

  • Manage existing projects by clicking them and get to the project site

  • Tag customers to easily sort lists by customer category

  • Attach files such as contracts and agreements

  • Add customer contacts

  • Add current projects

  • Add current Prospects

All interaction with customers will be gathered in one place and give all stakeholders an overview of the situation of each customer. From this overview, you will then be able to adjust or add additions. This is where you see all project connected to that customer, both won and open ones. By clicking on a project you will enter that chosen mission.

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