Under the section Customer-Events, you will see an overview of the events at your company connected to the customer feature.

The customer event list shows you all events added to a Customer. The list is possible to filter to sort out the type of events you are interested in. The filter icon to the right gives you the possibility to display filters that are hidden. Below all possible filters are shown.


By setting conditions int he filters you list different kinds of activities. This makes it possible to gather statistics for, for example, booked/completed meetings during a specific period of time and for a specific group of Sales People or an individual Sales Person.

Notice that the choice Responsible means the person connected to the event, and Customer Responsible means the person connected to the customer.

To show overdue events, click the red Overdue event button.

It is possible to edit events by the three dot icon and easily update event status by clicking the status button.

Hoover the comments and the will be visible in a pop up.


Update status by clicking the status and update.

Responsible in this case is responsible for the event - not the same as a customer responsible.

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