Under customers, you can add and change information about your customers. Assignments are connected to customers.

In List, all customers are listed in alphabetical order. You can filter your list by choosing to sort for Tags or Responsible. By clicking a client, you go to the customers summary where all client information is gathered.

In Contacts, all customer contacts are listed. This list is initially sorted by first name but it can be filtered by client or customer responsible.

In Events, all added events are listed. This can include notes, meetings, or tasks. The list is divided into two blocks, expired events and upcoming events.

When entering the site, all events having an Event Date this coming week are filtered automatically. By using filtering you quickly view events associated to specific responsibles, a specific status etc. You can also filter events to see how many meetings are booked or completed during a certain date range.

Filters you can use:

  • Status: Not started, Started, Completed, Postponed, Waiting for someone

  • Type: Event type, for example meetings, notes, or tasks

  • Create: show all events created during a certain time period

  • Event date: all events that occurred during a certain time period

  • Responsible: the person responsible for the event

  • Customer: events associated to a certain client

  • Customer responsible; who the client manager is

​If you want to work on an Event, for example add a comment, change the status or date or remove it, you can click on the three dots to the right of the event.

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