In the customer list, you can list all your customers. The customer list is a list of companies related to your company, it can be prospects, customers, partners, or intermediaries. The list can be filtered by intermediators, tags, responsible or last activity.

It is sorted out in alphabetical order, but by clicking the column headers it can be sorted out of that criteria instead.

The filter Last activity gives you the possibility to sort out customers you have handled during a selected date interval. By that, you can easily list all customers you have to contact due to inactivity or customer you need to remove from Cinode due to GDPR. Set historical dates for that type of listing. The dates are editable or clickable, it is also possible to choose from the predefined date intervals.

Work with filters in your Customer list

If you have worked with categorizing customers by tags, you can easily find customers via the filter for tags. For example, find all A-list customers.

It is possible to use several filter settings. Keep in mind that all criteria in the filter must be met for the content to show.

Example: A sales manager has listed his/her Partner companies. The filter should then be set for the Sales Manager (name) and Tag Partner.

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