Events give you an overview of the situation for your customers, assignments, co-workers, candidates, partner companies, or sub-contractors. In an event, you are able to mention persons in your organization which will trigger an email notification for that person.

The four different events in Cinode;

  • Call: log a call that you have had

  • Meeting: add all meetings that are booked and update the status as you go to show what meetings are planned and which ones are completed.

  • Notifications: add all relevant information that should be saved for your information.

  • Task: to remember everything related to a customer.

Tasks and meetings can be assigned to a specific person and will be shown in their personal overview and activity lists.

1. Create an event by clicking on the + sign at the top right.
or under the tab Events in a project.

2. Add information about the event and also mention a person if you wish;

  • Type: Select the type of event, in this image below "Meeting"

  • Title: Add a title for the meeting

  • Related to: Select what the meeting is related to, in this case, a customer

  • Customer and Customer Contact: Select the customer and the customer contact

  • From andTo: Add a date for the meeting

  • Description: In the description, you are able to add a description of the event and also notice a person in your company about this meeting. The person will get an email notification once the person is mentioned in an event. Simply mention a person by typing a "@". You will now see a drop-down menu where you can select a person to be mentioned. You are also able to select a project and a person if this event also is related to a project. In that case, click "@" and select a project and then click "@" and select a person.

  • Status: Add a status for the event

  • Visibility: Add if it is private or Public. If you set Visibility Private, only you and the responsible person can see the event. Notice that only meetings and tasks can have a response.

  • Responsible: Add a responsible for the event. To a meeting or a task, it is possible to add a responsible, yourself or one of your colleagues.

If you are using the Cinode calendar synchronization, the event meeting is possible to add to your or the responsible calendar.

Go to Customer in the menu and click on the customer to see all events related to this customer. You are also able to view all your events if you go to "Events" in the menu.

3. To change details or remove the event simply by clicking the three dots to the far right of the event and click 'Edit' or 'Remove'

5. Click to open the event to view more details.

Here you can;

  • Click the pen to change details

  • Click on the customer contact to view other events that are linked to the person.

  • Add notes for the event and mention a person. By adding a note it is possible to read the note by hoover from the lists the event will be visible on.

Export a list of the events

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