Cinode allows Talent Business users to receive notifications when updates are done on customers that have been added to Cinode. Subscribing to notifications is optional and the users can select which customers they wish to subscribe to.

Subscribing to updates gives Sales Reps, Account Managers or any users with an interest in a specific customer to get notified via e-mail when:

  • A new project is created for the customer

  • A new event is created for the customer

  • The date for an existing event on the customer is updated

  • Comments are added to a customer event

If you are customer responsible, you will automatically be subscribing to notifications. The notification will be sent via the e-mail address connected to the user in Cinode.


It is important to note that you will only receive notifications for updates made on the customer card and will not receive notifications for any updates made to any project connected to the customer (for instance events added to a project, updates to a project whether in the sales pipe, status and so on).

How to turn on notifications

You will need to be a Talent Business user in order to receive notifications.

1. Go to a customer card and click the subscribe button as illustrated below:


2. You can select if and how you wish to be notified.


Not following: By default, you will not receive notifications, however - if you are assigned to an event (meeting, note, task) you will start receiving notifications.

Following: You receive all notifications for the current company as specified above.

Ignoring: In contrast to "Not following", you will not receive any notifications even if you are assigned to an event.

Tips: If you are responsible for or have an interest in a lot of customers, it could be wise to select the ones that you want to subscribe to (for instance customers of extra importance) instead of subscribing to all which would generate a lot of e-mail notifications.

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