Location is possible to add to a consultant to see where the employee is located. By that, it will be possible to filter or view relevant locations of consultants in different functions in Cinode.

Searching for skills due to Location

When searching for skills, in the search function or in the matching view within a role, it is possible to view or sometimes also filter due to location. That will simplify your work when searching for employees and skills within a specific geographical area.

Examples from the Search-function:

Illustration from the matching function:

Get an overview of available consultants due to Location

In case you are interested in the location for available employees, for the possibility to search for projects within that geographical area, the Planner - List view will give you such details. Working with filters allows you to filter out employees by Location. If e.g a sales representative wants to filter out available consultants within its geographical area select location/locations in the filter.

The filter is also available in the Planner - Timeline - Employee view:

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