Are you interested in knowing when you were in contact with your client the last time, which deals that are not moving through your sales pipe or which candidates that you should act on?

By using the filter 'Last activity' you can view can easily get an overview of when an activity was last registered and then take appropriate action.

Examples of events that update the last activity date are:

  • Adding a note or a task to a customer

  • Moving a deal through your sales pipe

  • Changing the date of a candidate

The filter is accessible for all users with access to the customer and projects list which are included in our Talent Business plan as well as the candidate's list which is included in our Talent Recruit plan.

How to use the filter:

  1. Go to Customer > List in the menu

  2. First, make the filter column visible by clicking the filter button and toggle 'Last activity'.

2. The filter column will become visible. You can click it to filter for the last activity in a given time interval. If you leave the date field blank, Cinode will display the last activity date regardless of when it was registered:

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