In your overview page you can customize your overview according to your likings.

If you go to the overview link in the sidebar you will now be in your overview page.
Click on the symbol next to "your overview" to start customizing your overview.


Here you can drag and drop your widjets to position them wherever you like.

When you click on your overview symbol you can also choose to erase your unwished widjets by clicking on the red cross in the right corner of your unwished widjets.


If you want to add new widjets you click in the box "Add new widjet".


Here you can choose which widjets you are interested in by clicking in the right corner of your wished widjet and then click ok.


Here you can also filter among the selection by clicking at the tags you see on the top.


When you click on your oveview symbol you will se a reset button to the right of the symbol. If you click "Reset" you vill get the question: "Would you like to reset your widjets? Here you can click ok if you wish to reset to our standard widjet setup that you had from the start.


To stop making changes in your overview click at your overview symbol again.

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