By indicating the absence of your employees, you will get an overview of when your team is not available and why.

Absence is visible in the employee details, the Planner, and when searching for role matches.

To set up different absence types;

In order to set the absence types and define which types of absence that are applicable to your company you will need the license "Admin". You and your employees can then select the type of absence from the predefined.

1. Go to administration ->Company and the tab "Absence

2. Click "Add new absence type"

3. Type the name of the absence type, for example, vacation, parental leave or conference, and click "Save"

To add, edit and remove the absence of your employees;

In order to add absence for an employee, you will need the license "Manager"

1. Search for your employee in Organisation in the menu or type the name of the employee in the search field at the top right

2. Once you are in the overview of the employee click the "+" button next to "Absence"

3. Select the type of the absence, type the extent add select the start and the end date of your absence and click "Save".

Please note that absence is only indicated for employees. For subcontractors, availability is instead applied.

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