The skills report will help managers analyze the skills for their employees and subcontractors.

From this report, you can analyze your skills inventory and also which areas you need to improve in your organization.

The report gives you a great overview when you work within framework agreements and other types of business. You get an easy access to which persons has a specific skill, how many persons they are and also how senior everyone is.

How to use the Skill report:

1. Go to Reports -> Competences and click the tab skills to view the Skills report.

Here you can view the list of skills in your organisation.

Use the filters to the top right to customise your report:

Search: In this field you can search for a specific skill by typing the name of the skill.

Category: If you filter on a category you can view all skills related to a category.

All skill are structured to different categories.

Resources: Filter on employees or subcontractor

Team: Filter on teams (Your employees are added to different teams that you can filter on)

Groups: Your subcontractors can be added to different groups that you can filter on


This image below shows you an overview of the skills report of your organization. You can se what category a specific skill belongs to, the number of persons that has this skill, the average level in your organisation and the average year of experience.

Once you have filter on the report you wish you are able to click export at the button right.

2. Once you have filtered your report as you wish, you can click on a skill to see more information.

View witch employees or subcontractors who has the specific skill and what level they have.

To the right you can see the average level and a graph of all levels of this skill.

You can also see synonyms related to this skill. These synonyms are there to help you search for skills within your organization regardless on how the skills are named in all profiles. This means that you will the persons will be matched in search or in a matching view regardless of which of these synonyms you have added.

Click on the error next to employee to view the related project & assignemnts of this skill. You can also se the years of experience that the employee has of this certain skill.

In this case Robert Smith has 4,2 years of experience of "Project Manager" and has four different related project and assignments. The star also shown that this is one of his favourite skills and that he is interested in working with this skill.

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