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Set/Upload profile images of your subcontractors
Set/Upload profile images of your subcontractors
How to upload profile photos/pictures/images of your subcontractors and change primary photos
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In order to upload images of your subcontractors, you will need the "Partner manager" access.

Images of your subcontractors are used for your subcontractor's resumes and also In-app to identify a specific subcontractor. You can upload multiple images for each subcontractor for the purpose to use different images for different resumes.

How to upload images of your subcontractors;

  1. Go to Network - Subcontractors in the menu

  2. Search for the subcontractor in the search box

  3. Click on the name to open the overview page

4. Click the tab 'Images' and '+' to add a image

5. Click or drag & drop to select and upload your image

6. Crop the photo if needed before saving and click "Crop"

7. Check the box 'Use as primary image' if you would like to have this photo as the primary for the subcontractor. This means that the photo will be used as the profile image and in the resume.
Click 'Save'

8. You are able to upload several images for each subcontractor.

Click on the three dots to crop, remove or change the primary image

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