What is a profile?

The profile is your opportunity to promote yourself internally and externally in your company. The profile consists of your overall experience that is; internally, searchable for salespeople, consulting managers, and your colleagues. There is the possibility to match the customer's requirements to the skills you have specified in your resume and profile. Externally there is the opportunity to package the information in a resume and make yourself marketable for your dream job.

It is possible to create profiles in several languages. When your profile is translated into other languages it will also be possible to create resumes in that language.

Furthermore, all competencies gather in the skills inventory become an important tool for your company (see Reports in the left menu).

Click on 'Home' in the menu and click on the tab called 'Profile' to find the profile.

Switch between the blocks by click on 'table of content'

When adding or editing information in the profile or in the CV you can click 'Save' to save the changes only to the current CV. If you want to save the changes to several CVs at the same time, click 'Save to'. 'Save to', gives you the opportunity to choose which CV to save to and it will also be automatically saved to the profile.

Below you can see examples of how to add and edit in skills, project and assignments block in your profile:

Add or edit in project and assignment in your profile

Project & Assignments: Add your earlier assignments and/or projects by clicking on '+' or edit an already existing assignment by open '>' the assignment in question. Earlier employment should be summarized as one or several assignments.

For every assignment, you need to add a description (tasks, responsibilities and results). Tag a few keywords or skills that are related to the assignment (one at a time). A keyword can for example be industries, roles, tools, techniques etc. When you start adding skills you will be given suggestions, use these. If a keyword is missing, you can simply add it, but be accurate about spelling.

Add or edit skills in your profile

If you want to translate a skill you can use synonyms.

If you like to edit your CV read the below instructions

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