Working in the profile will remain temporarily. Soon you will only able to edit in the CV.

The profile is your opportunity to promote yourself, both internally and externally in your company. The profile consists of your overall experience that is, internally, searchable for both salespeople, consulting managers, and your colleagues.

There is the possibility to match the customer's requirements to the skills you have specified. Externally there is the opportunity to package the information in a Resume and make yourself marketable for your dream job.

It is possible to create profiles in several languages. When your profile is translated into other languages it will also be possible to create Resumes in that language.

Furthermore, all competencies gathers in the skills inventory that becomes an important tool for your company (see Reports in the left menu).

Click on the "Profile" in the navigation on the left in order to update the content of your Profile.

Make sure you keep your Profile updated!

Watch our full video about how to fill in your profile;

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