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October 2023
Release Version 9.75 October
Release Version 9.75 October

Release notes from 2023-10-05

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  • App wide > Users clicking on an Upgrade link will get a prepared Intercom chat message that they can send to us.

  • App wide - ReferenceId field added to announce modal & all places where we display announced roles

  • Market - Display referenceId in Cinode Market

  • App wide > For each event you can easily add a follow-up event

  • Market - After using pagination you'll get scrolled to the top for improved UX

  • App wide & Cinode Market - Replace Twitter icon & texts with X (see img 2)

  • CV > Blocks with links will display those links in the CV in our standard templates


  • Remove unused data on Cinode market list page which improves the performance & loading speed

  • App wide - Localize the "unnamed" text in filters

  • Reports > Languages - Clicking languages in language report no longer crashes

  • Reports > Pipelines - Do not crash when pipe is removed

  • Administration > Data > Export - Change category name from Assignments to Projects

  • Resume > Block items visibility notification message

  • Project - New event on fixed project will prefill project name in disabled field again

  • App wide > Datepickers can be opened by clicking the calendar icon

  • Administration > Users - Validation error displayed in edit user modal for the Office Location field

  • Profile > Auto scrolling to collapsed blocks should now work correctly

  • App wide - Nasty bugs could occur if you navigated while modals were open

  • Resumes - Stop asking for confirmation when leaving page after editing resumes

  • LinkedIn - Fix sharing issue of LinkedIn Urls on Iphones, open LinkedIn URLs on web instead of native app.

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